Java Software Engineer
3000 - 6000 € gross

Cortlex is an IT service company founded in 2015 by developers for developers. It gives us an opportunity, as founders know what is needed for comfortable and pleasant work. They are fully involved in all processes (for example, they are mentors, conduct interviews) and sit in the same room (or in the next one) with you. It means that you can discuss any issue related to the company, projects with them.

What about projects? We work with a variety of domains, for example, medicine, logistics, education, E-commerce, IoT. All projects are in English (mainly Western Europe, USA), we become a full-fledged part of the customer’s distributed team: we clarify requirements, discuss architectural solutions. Project managers, as well as testers, sometimes join in some projects from our side.

We have an office in Vilnius and remote teams around the world. Now we are a team of 80+ professionals and we continue to grow. Join the team!

What you will do:
  • Implement software components and services including testing and writing technical documentation according to continuous integration best practices;
  • Deploy software services to different (development, testing, and production) environments using continuous deployment practices, operate and maintain those deployments;
  • Participate in the proposal, review, and discussion of solution design documents;
  • Review and approve merge/pull requests created by teammates.
  • Participate in agile software development activities (e.g. stand-ups, planning meetings, demos, retrospectives).
So, what about the project?

Belgian service automatically follows all energy prices and promotions. Smart algorithms make it possible to estimate your consumption without monitoring devices, with sufficient accuracy to find the best energy rate for your personal situation. And it’s based on your address and some additional information.

The software then gets to work for you to continuously monitor energy prices and rates. As soon as you can save, you will be notified and switched automatically, without you having to do anything yourself.


What you need:
  • 3+ years of commercial development experience;
  • Knowledge of Java 8, 11;
  • Knowledge of common backend engineering concepts, patterns, and technologies like SQL (PostgreSQL), NoSQL (DynamoDB), Message Queueing (Apache Kafka/Zookeeper);
  • Experience in writing and operating containerized software services (e.g. Kubernetes, SNS SQS event bus, IOT GreenGrass AWS, Kinesis Firehose, AWS timestreams);
  • Knowledge of English at the Intermediate+ level and above, because you have to actively communicate with customers;
  • Experience in Node or Nestjs.
  •  Experience in Kotlin is a plus.
What's in it for you:
  • Ownership – we trust that you will do the right things to deliver maximum impact;
  • Transparency – we say what we think and every voice is heard and respected, even when our opinions differ;
  • Service – whether it’s for our customers or teammates, we always support each other;
  • No bureaucracy, no micromanagement;
  • 5 ill days per year;
  • Gym membership compensation;
  • Flexible working schedule – you plan your working day based on your tasks and meetings;
  • Corporate holidays and various team buildings.
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